Deadline for Science Fiction Short Story

“Women Hold Up Half the Sky Award”

Journey of Artemis, by Tricia Scott

Artemis Journal is again collaborating with the Los Angeles based non-profit, The Light Bringer Project whose mission is to promote Science Fiction short stories. The judges are selecting the winner from over 90 submissions from around the world. The winner will be announced in April.

The winning story will be published in the Artemis Journal 2019 and receive a $100 award from the Hollywood National Organization of Women. Pasadena Litfest will host the awards ceremony with professional actors reading the winning stories, May 18th-19th.

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Writers Sought for Public Art Project – Deadline December 15, 2017

The City of Roanoke Arts Commission, Ride Solutions and the Greater Roanoke Transit Authority are partnering to once again present a unique public art project in spring 2018. Up to four Valley Metro buses will display artworks selected from the City of Roanoke’s Regional Public Art Collection during the months of March and April.

Additionally, a writer or writers will be provided a bus pass and paid an honorarium of $1,000 to create a unique work of literature while riding different bus routes. The work may be any genre including short stories, poetry, essays, plays, etc. and may also be multimedia and include art, music or photography. The work will be published on the participating organizations web sites and other venues as possible.

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Art by Karuna Arts


Artemis has  partnered with Light Bringer Project to present a special award for a SCIENCE FICTION short story with strong feminist themes. The award is being co-sponsored by the Hollywood Chapter of the National Organization for Women. The winner’s story will be published in Artemis 2018 and the winner will receive a cash prize. In addition to science fiction submissions, expanding to include essays  highlighting our theme

“Women hold up half the sky”

The Roanoke Taubman Museum of Art will host our 2018 Artemis Launch on Friday, May 4, 2018



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Artemis expands submissions to include essays and short stories highlighting our theme of  “Women hold up half the sky”


“Fireflys” by Gina Lothian-Stanley

Artist Gina Lothian-Stanley has been featured in many of our Artemis Journals. In art or writing, Gina’s works are a reflection of her personal experiences, observations of life, and her concerns for the future of humanity and the changing world. Gina is a multi-media artist, teacher and writer living in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.


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