2018 Artemis Cover “The owl of good fortune” by Tricia Scott

 Submission request for Artemis 2019


Nov. 30th, 2018 

          Artemis 2019 will carry forward the theme from last year’s journal of

“Women hold up half the sky” 

Entries accepted are poetry, art and science fiction short story

Submission Guidelines:

  • Poems  – 3 poems per poet
    • Include your name, email address & title on every poem submission, no PDFs!
    • Submit work in word doc including a brief bio (60 words or less).
  • Artwork3 entries per artist
    • of any medium must be of publication condition (300 dpi at “8 x 10”)
    • include title, artist, medium, email address.
    • a brief bio in word doc (60 words or less).
  • The editors will contact you when they receive your submission, look for this confirmation to verify that your work was received-if you do not receive confirmation then please contact editors to confirm your entry.
  • All submissions are reviewed by our editors and if the submitted works do not follow the exact guidelines, the work will not qualify for review and returned.
  • Science Fiction Short Story  – 1 entry per writer limit of 1500 words.                                                                      
  • Artemis is collaborating again this year with the Los Angeles organization, Light Bringer Project & the Hollywood Chapter of the National Organization for Women (Hollywood NOW) in a science fiction story competition  that embraces feminist themes & has a strong female protagonist.
    • The winner of the Roswell special award “Women hold up half the sky” category receives dual publication in Artemis 2019 and Hollywood NOW site plus $100 award  sponsored by the Hollywood NOW. Celebrity guests in a special performance at the LitFest Pasadena will read the winning story.
    • Submit to
  • Thank you for your submissions and Good Luck!


Artemis is grateful to The Roanoke Arts Commission and The Roanoke Taubman Museum of Art for their continued support



Winner of Light Bringer Project 2018

“Artemis- Women hold up half the sky”

 Mindy Quigley, author of Equality Day

“Women hold up half sky” by Amara Wahaba Karuna
Presented by Artemis Journal, Light Bringer Project & the Hollywood Chapter of the National Organization for Women (Hollywood NOW)

This award recognizes a science fiction story that embraces feminist themes and has a strong female protagonist. Top entries will exemplify excellence in feminist storytelling, while capturing the complexities of their characters.

The winner will receive dual publication in Artemis Journal and on the Hollywood NOW website, in addition to $100.00 USD cash from Hollywood NOW. The winner’s story will be officially recognized at LitFest Pasadena and read on stage by a celebrity guest at LitFest Pasadena on May 19, 2018. Additional prizes include a print copy of the Artemis Journal with the winning story featured, with special recognition in media releases.

May 20th, special award ceremony at the

Pasadena LitFest, Pasadena, California



 Submissions for the 2019 Artemis Journal


Artemis Journal 2019 to be published May 4, 2018 and launched at the Roanoke Taubman Museum of Art

Roanoke Taubman Museum of Art

Entries are limited to science fiction short stories, poetry and art of any medium

Submission Guidelines:

See above for Submission guidelines

Email Entries To:

Or Mail;
P.O. Box 505
Floyd, Virginia 24091
To contact us with questions go to our contact page

Artemis is sponsored by The Roanoke Arts Commission and the Roanoke Taubman Museum of Art